Who Is Yogesh Kumar Goda

Creator of Rajguruji.in website Mr. Yogesh Kumar Goda [Born On October 10, 1993,] After Senior Secondary school Paloda, Yogesh Kumar enrolled at MLSU Udaipur University in 2012. On February 4, 2017, he launched rajguruji.in , Launched his first YouTube channel Rajguruji Yogesh Kumar Goda on 27 June 2020, before that he launched another YouTube channel called Technical Information Guru which was later taken down by Youtube. But not giving up, Yogesh Kumar Goda started a new YouTube channel Rajguru ji  which has thousands of subscribers today, in addition to this, he created another YouTube channel in the entertainment category which is the most popular. Yogesh Kumar Goda today earning monthly millions of LOVE in his e-content. Who is Yogesh kumar Goda ?
Yogesh Kumar