Pre Board Exam Class 12th model paper


 RBSE English Model Paper 2022

CLASS — 12




Q.1 Choose the Correct Alternatives —

(i) Franz passed by the …………… while going to the school.

(a) town hall (b) school (c) cinema hall (d) industry () 1

(ii) Mukesh wants to become a motot…………4

(a) engineer (b) mechanic (c) manager (d) driver () 1

(iii) How much deep was the YMCA pool ?

(a) 9ft. (b) 10ft. (c) 11ft. (d) 12ft. () 1

(iv) The whole world is nothing but a big …………..

(a) forest (b) rattrap (c) tourist place (d) headache () 1

(v) Who is Rajendra Prasad in the story of Indigo ?

(a) teacher (b) leader (c) lawyer (d) judge () 1

(vi) A thing of beauty is a joy ………….

(a) never (b) nil (c) enough (d) forever () 1

(vii) Who composed the poem my mother at sixty-six ?

(a) Stephan spender (b) Kamala Das (c) John Keats (d) Pablo Nerual ( )1

(viii) Upto which number will the poet count ?

(a) nine (b) ten (c) eleven (d) twelve () 1

(ix) But all | said was ,see you soon ………….

(a) aunt (b) sister (c) amma (d) cousin () 1

(x) What is the Saheb’s cash salary at the tea stall ?

(a) 800 Rupees (b) 900 Rupees (c) 1000 Rupees (d) 1100 Rupees (_ )1

(xi) Aunt jennifer’s tigers prone across a………::0++

(a) screen (b) wood (c) tree (d) pond () 1

(xii) Who is the ragpicker in the story ‘lost spring’ ?

(a) mukesh (b) savita (c) firoz (d) saheb () 1

Q.2 Combine the sentences using the words given in brackets.

(i) This is the only solution. It can be accepted by all. (that) 1

(ii) The place must be made clean and green. We live in there. (where) 1

Q.3 Fill in the blanks by choosing words given in brackets.

(i) ceeeseseeeees The sun set , the darkness apperred (as/if/so) 1

(ii) Work hard ………0. you’ll fail. (as/if/otherwise) 1

(iii) He has a large family to …………. (bring out/ bring up) 1

(iv) She wee some money for hard times . (puts on/puts by) 1

(v) He is passing …………. the forest. (in/through) 1

(vi) | was walking …………. the road . (with/along) 1


Q.4 Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :

All round development of man is the true aim of education. It should train not only the

head, but also the hands and the heart. But our present system of education has miserably

failed to achieve this aim. It suffer from many grave defects. The present system of

education was founded by the British for their own convenience. Lord Macaulay was the

father and the founder of this system. He wanted it to produce clerks to help the British in

running their administration. Today the English have gone but the same old system of

education still continuous. We are free but we are still slavishly following the system

evolved by the British. This system of education has many defects. It must be changed and


The greatest defect in our present system of education is that it is too theoretical. An

educated man has only bookish knowledge. He knows nothing about practical things. He

finds that his education has not made him fit to do any useful work for his society. The

present system of education does not teach us the dignity of labour. A student is not taught

or trained to do things with his hands. Manual or physical labour finds no place in

education. Educated young men are fit only to be clerks in offices. They look down upon

manual labour. They consider it below their dignity to work with their hands in fields or


Vocational education is the need of the hour. We need more and more technicians,

engineers and doctor. But the number of vocational institution-Engineering and Medical

colleges, Polytechnics and I.T.I.s-are limited. A large number of young men and women,

who can do well as technicians, are deprived of technical or vocational knowledge.

The present system of education gives too much importance to English. At many places, it is

the medium of instruction, English may be an international language. It may have rich

treasures of science and litreture. But it can never be our national language. Education

must be imparted in the mother tongue. This will save much talent of the country from

going waste.

A number of commissions have been set up since that dawn of indenpendence to plan

afresh the country’s system of education. After much thought, the 10+2+3 system was

introduced. It was designed to divert the students to different fields and vocations

according to their talent and the needs of the society. But different states have taken to it

only half-heartedly. As the things stand today, the 10+2+3 system has become a riddle. No

one knows that exactly it is.

Meanwhile, our education system is as rotten and muddy as it used to be . students find it

purposeless. Therefore, they feel restive and go on strikes. The take no interest in their

studies because they know that after finishing their education, they will only join the army

of unemployed Mass. There is an urjent need that the present system should be overhauled

and made purposeful.

(i) What is the greatest defect in our present system of education? 2

(ii) | What type of education is the need of the hour? 2

(iii) Why was the system 10+2+3 introduced ? 2

(iv) Why do the students take no interest in their studies? 2

(v) Find the similar word for ‘respectability’ and antonym for practical from the

passage. 2

Q.5 Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :

2. Effective speaking depends on effective listening. Its takes energy to concentrate on

hearing and to concentrate on understanding what has been heard. Incompetent listeners

fail in a number of ways. First, they may drift. Their attention drifts from what the speaker

is saying. Second they may counter. They find counter arguments to whatever a speaker

may be saying. Third, they compete. Then, they filter. They exclude from their

understanding those parts of the message which do not readily fit with their own frame of

reference. Finally they react. They let personal feelings about speaker or subject override

the singnificance of the message which is being sent.

What can a listener do to be more effective? The first key to effective listening is the art of

concentration. If a listener positively wishes to concentrate on receiving a message, his

chances of success are high.

It may need determination. Some speakers are difficult to follow, either because

of voice problems, or because of the form in which they send a message. There is then a

particular need for the determination of a listener to concentrate on what is being said.

Concentration is helped by alertness. Mental alertness is helped by physical alertness. It is

not simply physical fitness, but positioning of the body, the limbs and the head. Some

people also find it helpful to concentrate if they hold the head slightly to one side. One

useful way for achieving concentration is intensive note-taking, by trying to capture the

important points the speaker is referring to.

Note-taking has been recommended as an aid to the listener. Its helps the speaker too. It

gives him confidence when he sees that listener are sufficiently interested to take notes;

the patterns of eye contact with the listener can be very positive. The speaker also make

effective use of pauses.

Posture too is important. Consider the impact made by a less competent listener who

pushes his chair backward and slouches. An upright posture helps a listener’s

concentration. At the same time it is seen by the speaker to be a positive amongst his

listener. Effective listening skills have an impact on both the listener and the speaker.

(i) On what does effective speaking depends? 1

(ii) | What cana listener do to be more effective? 1

(iii) | What is helped by alertness? 1

(iv) What has been recommended as an aid to the listener? 1

(v) | Which posture helps a listener’s concentration? 1


Write the answers of the following questions in about 20 words:

Q.6 Why do people in the modern world want to escape? (The Third level) 1

Q.7 Why was tiger hunting banned in Pratibandapuram? (The Tiger King) 1

Q.8 What was Sadao’s achievements as a doctor? (The Enemy) 1

Q.9 What do people say about Mr. Lamb’s leg? (On The Face Of It) 1

Q.10 How did Zitkala-Sa hide herself? (The Cutting Of My Long Hair) 1

Write the answer of the following questions in about 30-40 words:

Q.11 How did franz’s feelings about M.Hamel and school change ? (The Last Lesson) 2

Q.12 Why was the crofter so talkative and friendly with the peddler ? (The Rattrap) 2

Q.13 Why are the young trees described as sprinting ? (My Mother At Sixty-Six) 2

Q.14 List the things that cause suffering and pains ? (A Thing Of Beauty) 2

Q.15 Why would keeping still be an exotic moment ? (Keeping Quiet) 2

Q.16 Who is the tiger king ? Why does he get that name ? (The Tiger King) 2

Q.17 What will Dr. Sadao do to get rid of the man ( enemy soldier)? (The Enemy) 2

Q.18 Why does Mr. Lamb not have any curtains in his house? (On The Face Of It) 2

Write the answer of the following questions in about 60-80 words:

Q.19 Mention the hazards of working in the glass bangles industry (Last Spring) 3


How did Gandhiji help the peasants in champaran ?( Indigo)

Q.20 How did Douglas make sure that he conquered the old terror?(Deep Water) 3


Write a character sketch of the rat trap seller. (The Rattrap)

Q.21 write about charley in your own words. (The Third Level ) 3


Write about the character of Sadao ? (The Enemy)

Q.22 How was Lamb’s meeting became a turning point in the life of Derry? (On the face of it )


What did the narrator do to save her long hair ? (We Too Are Human Beings) 3


Q.23 Your friend Rashmi or Rajat has invited you to attend the wedding ceremony of his/

her brother. Write an informal reply expressing your inability to attend the ceremony due

to unavoidable reasons. 4


You have an extra house , You want to give it on rent . Draft an advertisment to be given in

a local newspaper, Giving relevant details of the house.

Q.24 You are Manish/Meena. You attended a seminar arranged for class xii students by

Intel India Ltd. In Jaipur on the topic,’ How to Face Competitive Examinations with

Confidence ‘. Write a report of the seminar in about 100 words ? 4


Translate the following passage into Hindi .

‘Health is wealth’ has been rightly remarked. For a good health, just regular exercise is not

enough. One has to be conscious about the eating habits also. Cereals, pulses, vegetables

salad, fruits , milk must be the essential constituents of a diet chart. Junk food which is

popular amongst the present generation is really harmful for us. The problem of obesity is

the result of this modern fast food menu. A fat person faces many problems such as high

blood pressure and heart diseases.

A balanced diet is the answer to almost all the health problem. There should be a

perfect combination of carbohydrates, fats , vitamins, proteins and minerals in it.

Q.25 You are Rashmi or Rajkumar living in Ajmer. Write a letter to the Muncipal

Commissioner of your city complaining him or her against the insanitary conditions of your

locality . 4


Write a job application for door to door Executive required by the Hindustan Times

Jaipur and enclose your curriculum vital assuring the authority that you may be a good


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